I’m a writer and editor with years of experience crafting flawless English content for digital, social and print products.

An award-winning journalist, I have worked for multiple publications around the world, including:

“The late 60 Minutes producer Don Hewitt used to tell his famous correspondents: Tell them a story. Do the research, get the facts, but tell the audience a story in its presentation. Katie Thisdell knows how to follow Hewitt’s credo. In each entry, she tells a human story while explaining a scientific or medical technique. Through her stories, one understands why these techniques are important.”

– Judges in the 2013 Virginia Press Association competition

You can find a small selection of my work here. Please contact me for more clips, including those from the Free Lance-Star (currently blocked by GDPR) and from the Tulip Talk (a private, members-only email that cannot be linked here). I can also provide samples of social media creation and website/blog writing.

Dear Tiffany: Here’s how you can succeed in law school

National Jurist magazine, Back to School 2017 issue

President Trump’s youngest daughter is the first first-daughter to enter law school while her father is in the White House, so we’ve put together a primer to help her get started.

Awarded 3rd place in Education Writing in 2018 by the San Diego Society of Professional Journalists

Best Schools for Public Service

preLaw magazine, Winter 2020 issue

We identify outstanding law schools for those interested in pursuing careers in public interest and government or working as prosecutors, public defenders or clerks.

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Small farm operators discuss challenges at conference

The (San Diego) Daily Transcript/San Diego Source, March 12, 2015

“I’ve had a whole roller-coaster ride in my farming experience,” farmer Dennie Giles said at a panel on the economics of small-farm survival at the 28th California Small Farm Conference, held in San Diego, home to 5,732 farms. More than 600 people convened for the conference, which connected farmers, ranchers and farmers market managers, as they addressed the ongoing drought, farm bill, specialty crops, changing laws and marketing.

Awarded 3rd place in “Daily newspapers and websites, Business & Financial” in 2015 by the San Diego Press Club.

Tulip Talk

Using Mailchimp, I managed the entire production of the 2019 monthly e-newsletter for members of the American Women’s Club of Amsterdam, including soliciting contributions and ads, writing content and creating layout.

For examples, please contact me.

Technology changes roles of real estate agents

The (San Diego) Daily Transcript/San Diego Source, September 30, 2014

Carol Farrar wants to connect with her real estate clients and meet them where they already are: online. Internet platforms have become critical in all aspects of the real estate industry over the past few years: social media for marketing and communication, new applications for managing transactions, and national private MLS for searching, previewing and reviewing.

Awarded 3rd place in “Daily reporting & writing, Real Estate” in 2015 by the San Diego Society of Professional Journalists.

Legoland considers building theme park in Stafford County

The (Fredericksburg) Free Lance-Star, October 22, 2013

Legoland is considering building a new family-­friendly theme park in Stafford County that would be only the third of its kind in the nation.

Government officials are in the preliminary stages of considering an incentives package to woo the park to the Centreport Parkway area off Interstate 95. The decision could hinge on the financial impact the interactive, child­-oriented theme park could bring.

In an Oct. 2 letter to to Legoland’s general manager of development John Ussher labeled “confidential,” County Administrator Anthony Romanello confirmed the county is committed to meeting the company’s needs, pending the outcome of a financial analysis.

Angel food cake turns out heavenly on second try

The (Fredericksburg) Free Lance-Star, April 18, 2012

And this is where I really screwed up the first time around: I sprayed the pan.

I’m so used to always giving my baking pans a quick spritz of nonstick spray that I didn’t think it might be harmful.

But with angel food cake, you actually want it to stick to the sides of the pan. This gives the cake support, keeping it tall and proud rather than stubby and squat.

With all that hard work, the last thing you want is for the final step to end up being your downfall!

Urban Plantations grows business on corporate campuses

The (San Diego) Daily Transcript/San Diego Source, October 17, 2014

Thanks to Karen Contreras’ growing company, the lush green space that was once a parking lot in Torrey Pines is an oasis for employees, a nature classroom and a supplier for a campus restaurant.

Awarded 1st place in “Daily newspapers and websites, Gardening” in 2015 by the San Diego Press Club.

Employment Honor Roll: Which Schools Outperform Expectations

preLaw magazine, Back to School 2020 issue.

A robust job market pushed graduate-employment figures to new highs last year, with some schools performing better than others. Those leaders are now focusing on helping students land jobs during a pandemic.

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‘War Zone’

The Breeze, April 12, 2010

I hadn’t been on the job as editor-in-chief at our university newspaper for two weeks when a riot broke out at an annual block party. Immediately, I led my team of student photographers, editors and reporters to produce an issue that was sought after across campus. Our award-winning photographs were later seized illegally by the local commonwealth’s attorney, setting off a national legal controversy and media storm. Ultimately, I negotiated for sharing a small selection of photos (none of which were used to charge anyone), and the commonwealth’s attorney issued a public apology.

The Washington Post editorial board weighed in, saying the raid was an affront to the First Amendment: “Ms. Thisdell, a JMU junior majoring in journalism, had a better sense of the law in this instance than Ms. Garst, who’s been chief prosecutor since 2000.”

The Virginia Press Association presented me the First Amendment Award in 2010.

How to Prepare for Law School

preLaw magazine, Spring 2020 issue.

For those making the big leap soon, here is some key advice on how to make the transition over the summer. For instance: Can you read the bottom line of an eye chart?

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High-tech success stories

Club Management magazine, September/October 2017 issue.

From scheduling apps to systems that provide instant feedback, here are some of the latest products that help smooth private club operations.

6 Most Important Lessons about America’s Judicial System

International Jurist magazine, 2020 issue.

The U.S. is a nation of laws, but the way the legal system is structured can perplex a foreign attorney. Here’s a guide to help understand it.

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