TWD: Berry Galette

Stay tuned for an article in my newspaper about galettes. I’m obsessed. The Julia crust is flaky and easy, and the filling combinations are endless.


Our assigned recipe while at the beach was for the berry galette–my mom and I used a mix of strawberries and blueberries. YUM.
I’ve also made the galettes with tomatoes and cheese, and asparagus and ricotta. I’m hoping to make one with peaches, or squash and cheese. Galettes offer a simple way to create a photo-worthy dish. Find the berry galette recipes here.

We had a great week at Folly Beach, though baking in a beach cottage meant searching for aluminum pie plates because of a lack of cookie sheets, and  rolling dough on a wooden table since the counter was tiled. But now I can’t wait to go back to this beach next year!



Summer tomatoes

Is anything really better than tomatoes in summer? I’ve been eating them all the time. Juicy, sweet, flavorful–they’re nothing like the “tomatoes” you find the rest of the year. The colorful pints of bite-sized tomatoes at the farmers market have been a must-buy, even if I already have a counter covered in produce. But I’ve been making good use of all my tomatoes.

Cherry tomatoes, balls of mozzarella, basil, balsamic vinegar, oil, salt and pepper

Tomatoes from my backyard, with mozzarella, served alongside zucchini-squash orzo and a juicy cantaloupe, from the market
Tomatoes at home, with co-op mozzarella and aged balsamic
Tomato-basil tart. Recipe to come!
TWD preview: tomato and cheese galette
Cool gazpacho: cucumbers, tomatoes, red pepper

Rachel is apparently saying I should share the gazpacho recipe. Here it is. Enjoy the summer tomato bounty!