From the Market: Swiss Chard

Checking out all the new spring vegetables at the local farmers’ market has been such fun the past few weeks. While I normally cook with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, that produce hasn’t been this fresh. Much of what I’ve been eating the past few weeks has come from local farms, picked hours before being sold. You really can taste the difference—once you wash off the dirt.

That’s right: dirt. One thing about fresh produce from the farm is that it literally comes from the ground. That means it hasn’t been cleaned in chemicals and there more than likely will be grit on the leaves and stems. It’s not difficult to clean, but it does take a few steps.

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A spring farmers’ market dinner

Finally, it’s spring. Summer was trying to sneak in for a few days, and my baby lettuce plants didn’t like it. My basil didn’t fare well with the cold snaps either. I’m hoping that my container garden will survive my not-quite-green thumb over the next few months, but if my plants don’t make it, at least the Fredericksburg farmers’ market is a 10-minute walk away.

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