TWD: Savarin

This yeasted cake topped with whipped cream and warmed berries may have looked gorgeous, but it didn’t taste it. Unfortunately, it landed in the trash.


Lacking any flavor, this Tuesdays with Dorie recipe was unfortunate. It had such promise, especially when watching the cute pastry chef showing Julia Child how to fill the assorted sized and shaped cakes with different creams and fruits and glazes. But the problem seemed to be the recipe was solely an egg, flour and a tiny bit of butter, then doused in a very simple syrup. Had it been a little more complex–like the one my mom created with orange juice, zest and Cointreau–maybe we would have had seconds and thirds of this cake. The spongy texture was also a little off putting.

Pure sugar water isn’t actually the most delicious topping for cake.

At least the new graduate and I had fun before eating the cake.


On our recent sister Saturday, we mixed a pink spring cocktail (rhubarb simple syrup, strawberry-infused rum and fresh lemon juice) and then drank some more. We cooked, and ate, and cooked some more. Peanut butter soba noodles and a dutch baby pancake.

A flight at Blue & Gray Brewery

Even without cake, I think our calorie intake was satisfactory this weekend.