My first Passover Seder

Two of the most important holidays in Christianity and Judaism coincided this weekend, a rare occurrence. After celebrating Easter with my family in Roanoke, I went to my first Passover Seder with my friend Robyn, hosted by the Jewish Student Association at the University of Mary Washington. (She wrote a story about it for the Free Lance-Star.) A Passover Seder is essentially a ceremonial, drawn out meal, with many symbolic foods and prayers.

Robyn follows along with the Hebrew recitations.

The eight-day Passover, which goes April 6-14 this year, begins with the evening Seder. The holiday commemorates the Exodus of from Egypt after generations of slavery—or the Moses and Red Sea story that we’re all familiar with. (I’ve copied the full story that was read at our Seder at the bottom of this post.)

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Happy Easter!

When my sister, Emma, and I were much younger, we used to love Easter egg hunts. Before or after Easter, we’d continue hiding eggs on our own for days and days, empty and filled with treats. Those colorful eggs offered hours and days of Easter fun in our yard.

I’d forgotten about this, but my dad reminded me this weekend: The Easter Bunny used to fill some of the colorful plastic eggs in our yard with puzzle pieces. His helper (aka my mom) would write a message on the back of the put-together puzzle, so after we found all the pieces, we could put the 20-piece puzzle back together and finally read the message. But every year, we’d miss at least one of the eggs in the yard. It’d usually show up much later in the year, sometimes when my dad was mowing the lawn.

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