CSA: What is Lamb’s-Quarters?

Saturday was my first official CSA pick-up.

I’ve been looking forward to this week for months, after learning about Terembry Farm, a two-year-old organic farm in southern Fauquier that’s focused on heirloom produce. Unlike many CSAs that you hear about, this one didn’t seem like it would leave my kitchen drowning in produce for 10 people that needed to be used exactly this instant. A half-share was described as about the size of a brown paper grocery bag–which sounds perfectly reasonable for one gal cooking for just herself. (Though, I’m sure I won’t be able to resist buying additional produce at the farmers market, and will have to remind myself that I can only eat but so much!)

Sidebar: Thank goodness Robyn was able to pick up the crate Saturday morning for me, since I was in Roanoke with relatives for a little family reunion. And for Spanish tapas, paella, pancakes and to see my dad’s band!


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