TWD: White Loaves

Time to move some money into my baking/food budget. A quick skim through Baking with Julia¬†shows that I’ll likely need plenty of pricey ingredients and a slew of new pans.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted here, but I’m back (hopefully). My mom and I are embarking on a new baking project “together,” though we’re in different cities. She’s in Roanoke, I’m in Fredericksburg. But we both love to bake, obviously. She found a blogging community project called “Tuesdays with Dorie.” The idea is really cool: Bloggers bake their way through a cookbook, completing the same recipe within a two week period. So hundreds of people are potentially baking the exact same treats across the county (the world?) at the same time and sharing their stories. My mom is ordering the book for me, so I don’t even know what all is involved! But a glance through suggested recipes for March shows everything from Irish soda bread to rugelach. That’s why my mom said that we’ll both be buying a lot of pans!

White bread was the first recipe for "Tuesdays with Dorie." So many sandwiches in my future! This was my mom's finished loaf.

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