How does your garden grow?

So far this year, the only thing contrary in my garden was the lettuce. I must have planted it too early and it got shocked by the up and down temperatures. Oh well, I bought a few replacement plants and my dad gave me some he had started. Both are doing well.


I have also planted plenty of herbs, along with radishes, beets, green onions and broccoli. From my parents, I got tomatoes, eggplant, jalapeƱo and red pepper. Last week, I planted seeds for yellow squash, round green zucchini and carrots. Hopefully I will be eating well this summer! Just stay away, bugs and squirrels!

My first baby broccoli!

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From the Garden: Radishes

Back at our tiny house on Avenel Avenue, we had a glorious back porch built by my dad and relatives, as well as a fairly large garden. We’d grow tomatoes, corn, peppers, eggplant, sunflowers, marigolds, beans, squashes and potatoes (those were always fun to dig up!). The garden had a little “L” piece, too. When we were young, Emma and I claimed that spot. We divided it in half (just like our shared bedroom, hard to do with bunk beds though). I remember trying to grow sweet crisp carrots and pretty pink radishes.

Of course, I didn’t like the radishes. They were peppery and crunchy. I liked sweet vegetables. No one else in my family really liked the radishes either. They probably made their way to the compost pile.

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Do I have a green thumb this year?

My very own garden. It’s exciting. No, it may not be an actual in-the-ground garden, since I’m renting and didn’t want to/couldn’t till up a spot in the backyard. My garden is instead an assortment of containers and pots and recycled wood turned into square boxes.

I planted an assortment of lettuce seeds back at the very end of November when the mercury was creeping up. When the temperatures dropped down to their early spring temperatures, I brought the planters into our laundry room or mudroom overnight.


Unfortunately, the little lettuce plants never grew over about an inch. I am not sure what happened, perhaps thy didn’t get enough sunlight. But I picked up some lettuce seedlings from the farmers’ market and hopefully they will be able to fill my salad bowl the rest of the season.

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Pests: Get out of my garden!

See that hole on the side? It's the second one in two days!

Stop, pests, stop! I don’t want to share with you! I want this cilantro for myself, and the tiny lettuce plants that you have been trying to dig up are mine too. I know you will continue to work your way into my garden throughout the summer, and I will have to fight with you to get to my tomatoes first. But can’t you just leave these tiny plants alone so they can have a chance to survive? I have grand plans for these herbs and greens, and I have invested time and money in them. So please, just leave my plants alone!