Spinach & onion sandwich on fresh focaccia

I’m already following in my grandmother’s path, copying recipes that catch my eye. But instead of pen and paper, I’m using my iPhone. I’ll simply snap a picture of the recipe and then zoom in when I’m ready to cook. My mom’s texted me her favorite banana recipe, and I’ve snapped a copy of her Cosmopolitan proportions. The weekend we made focaccia together, I flipped through her books to find a good vegetable sandwich using the flavorful flat bread, that would be different than the standard raw vegetable sandwich. This simple sandwich from Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone hit the spot, making a great lunch with my leftover bread.

spinach & onion sandwich on focaccia

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TWD: Focaccia

Aside from poor Jill (my family’s 12-year-old lab/collie mix) hiding behind lamp poles to escape the crazy puppy who just wants to play (I can’t make up something like that), and Rachel getting caught in a small fence in our backyard and letting out the most pathetic crying noise you’ve ever heard (she seems fine now), my weekend trip to Roanoke was overall quite successful. A shopping trip with Katie G. means I have a few more outfits in my closet, and our family shared a wonderful meal with Sarah’s family at Rockfish Food & Wine on Grandin.

But perhaps the best part was getting to cook bread, soup and cake with my mom.

When we get together these days, our kitchen is put to good use. She teaches me things (weighing flour on a kitchen scale is faster and more accurate), we get to work on our cookbook challenge together, and most important–we both get someone to share our delicious food with. And my poor dad has a never-ending sink full of dishes that he diligently washes.


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Tomato bisque & homemade Focaccia

“What are you eating!”

My parents called that out at least a dozen times this weekend when Rachel and I visited. The question was directed at that crazy pup that likes to pick up everything she can–gloves, snow boots, sticks, thumbtacks, paper from the bathroom trashcan, Emma’s stuffed animals. And she doesn’t just pick these things up, like some dogs do. No, she wants to parade around the house before her new stash becomes a chew toy. Destination: ultimate destruction. Better grab that glove out of her mouth real fast!

Crazy pup also likes to be “helpful” in the kitchen, my mom quickly learned when we were cooking Tomato Bisque for lunch Sunday. Her nose wiggles up toward the counters, where my mom was chopping onions and carrots. She stands exactly where you need to be, like as my mom walked between the stovetop and the fridge with a pitcher of hot brewed tea. And if you’re washing dishes, you can bet she’ll want to lie down on the mat in front of the sink. (Unless the dishwasher is open, and then she’ll be trying to thoroughly clean all the plates and bowls.)

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