BCM: Palets de Dames | Fall in San Diego

I’m jealous of all your stunning landscapes with changing leaves, your picturesque apple orchards, your warming scarves and coats.

We’re still wearing shorts here in mid-November while biking to the beach, spotting tables full of colorful heirloom tomatoes at the farmers market, and sleeping with the windows open. San Diegans love their year-round mild weather, and sure, there are some great things about it, especially when walking the pup, but, I really do miss the familiar fall back East.


A Saturday afternoon hike up Black Mountain; and beautiful views of sunsets from our neighborhood.

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TWD: Double Chocolate Cookies


This cookie dough is practically fudge, and the resulting cookies like the richest brownie you’ve ever bitten into, a cakey version of your favorite holiday chocolate truffle, or bite-size overwhelmingly chocolate tartlets. They’re a cookie solely in name and shape.

The double chocolate cookies from Dorie Greenspan’s Baking with Julia are likely some of the most decadent you’ll ever bake. With more than one pound of chocolate in the batter, these cookies could make a bad day awesome with just one bite.

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TWD: an interview from NPR

Dorie Greenspan is the namesake of “Tuesdays with Dorie.” She knew about the project from its very start, back in 2008. As the blogging group gets on its way with the cookbook Baking with Julia, Dorie did an interview with NPR. If you’re interested in listening to it, here it is. I am very excited now to be on our way with this project — I’m curious how long of a commitment this may be! The last one took four years! It is certainly a good thing I’ve been working out and running lately! I’ll have to do something to balance this baked good/caloric/cholesterol intake. Fortunately I think I have a newsroom full of willing cake tasters.