Broccoli dipped in wonderful peanut sauce

The greasy pizza that I picked up for lunch across the street pushed me over the edge. Coming at the end of three days of heavy (but delicious) eating–alfredo sauce, apple tart, hot chocolate, calzones, veggie sausage gravy with biscuits–my body felt terrible after just half of the personal pie.

It was past time for some vegetables.

peanut butter sauce

This peanut butter dip has been one of my family’s favorites since I found it in a 2008 issue of Vegetarian Times. It’s creamy, has a bit of spice and is extremely versatile. Thinned out, it can be a sauce for noodles or in stir fry. As is, I enjoy it as a vehicle for eating a plate full of broccoli without a second thought. It’s that good.

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Baby broccoli from the farmers’ market

The farmers’ market in Fredericksburg is right around the corner from where I work, and both are just a few blocks from my cute little house. It makes things pretty convenient on nice days. I love being able to just go for a few 10-minute walks throughout the day.

Anyways, I saw on Facebook today that one vendor was going to be out selling seedlings. They had herbs, tomatoes, cabbage and broccoli. Too early for tomatoes, so I decided just to get broccoli, though today was really too hot for these cool-weather plants.

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