Exploring Boston during a long, hot weekend

If your significant other is on the same coast of America, you should make all efforts to see each other.

That was my thought when Tom said he’d be in Boston in July working a conference, since Boston is only 490 miles away, rather than San Diego’s 2,700 miles.┬áMy research quickly turned to planes and trains, and what you may call “apartment b&b’s” through the growing site airbnb.com; I was determined to make the trip work, and ecstatic to be in the same time zone, not worrying about family get-togethers and holidays, as we so often do when we see each other. Instead, the weekend was just about the two of us (and a few friends), and exploring a new city.


The only snag in our fun long weekend getaway was Mother Nature. Boston may usually be a temperate city, but when a heat wave strikes the East Coast, the city is not ignored. 100 degree days didn’t mar our trip, though the heat slowed us down and necessitated plenty of extra water, and maybe a few fewer historic stops. And the heat also could be blamed for us missing out on a tour and tasting at Sam Adams? Though, perhaps our negligence at planning ahead could be the culprit. (But really, why would the largest craft brewery close at 3 p.m. on a Saturday?! Still makes no sense to me.)

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Catch up on a few pieces of food writing

Weekends stand out on my calendar. They’re what I count down to, they move along the weeks and months of the year.

For example, this weekend, a food festival, the next I’ll be in San Diego, and after that, off to a concert in Virginia Beach with girlfriends.

But now, those are seemingly some of the last weekends of summer that remain. Then it’s September, and with that comes cooler days (hopefully!), fewer vacations, and a sense that the end of the year is approaching.

Rachel loved chasing bugs and birds at Folly Beach.

I’ve been a little quiet on this space this summer because the weeks and weekends have been filled, from sweating along Boston’s Freedom trail with Tom (even the Northeast isn’t immune to heat waves in July, apparently) to saving a newborn turtle on South Carolina’s shoreline with my sister. Stories and photos to come soon.

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