How does your garden grow?

So far this year, the only thing contrary in my garden was the lettuce. I must have planted it too early and it got shocked by the up and down temperatures. Oh well, I bought a few replacement plants and my dad gave me some he had started. Both are doing well.


I have also planted plenty of herbs, along with radishes, beets, green onions and broccoli. From my parents, I got tomatoes, eggplant, jalapeƱo and red pepper. Last week, I planted seeds for yellow squash, round green zucchini and carrots. Hopefully I will be eating well this summer! Just stay away, bugs and squirrels!

My first baby broccoli!

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From the Market: Asparagus


I tried to convince my parents to start an asparagus bed in their backyard garden. No luck. They have quite a bit going on in their lives, without having to worry about a new project. And of course, we don’t really have too much space besides the small plots my dad has worked in all corners of the yard, leaving the monstrous azalea bushes to fill much of the rest of the space.

Ever since reading Barbara Kingsolver’s “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle” several years ago, I’ve been enamored with asparagus. It’s a delicious, early spring vegetable, with a flavor that’s hard to describe. I just finished reading the book again this year as part of the library system’s “Big Read” focused on connecting us with where our food comes from. (If you haven’t read it, you should!)

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A spring farmers’ market dinner

Finally, it’s spring. Summer was trying to sneak in for a few days, and my baby lettuce plants didn’t like it. My basil didn’t fare well with the cold snaps either. I’m hoping that my container garden will survive my not-quite-green thumb over the next few months, but if my plants don’t make it, at least the Fredericksburg farmers’ market is a 10-minute walk away.

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