Onze eerste jaar (Our first year!) in Amsterdam

What a year it has been! After a bumpy ride preparing for our move abroad, we finally landed in Amsterdam one year ago, on a sunny but bitingly cold February morning. At the time, Tom and I were both scared and excited — and we still are. We wondered: What would the next few years hold for us? What would our new home be like? How would we adjust?

Moving can be difficult (physically and emotionally) whether the destination is just across town, across the country, or across an ocean. Our first year living in Amsterdam has been incredibly challenging, and our day-to-day life has been draining and lonely.

BUT. The past year has also been full of so many adventures and so much love. We’re so fortunate to have this experience together. We’ve traveled much more than we have in the past to see more of Europe; we’ve booked most weekends full with plans to explore our city and country; and, we got married over the summer and also met our new baby niece last month. It truly has been quite the year.

Here are some of the highlights of our first year abroad, if you’d like to see.

We set up a new home.

We explored the city of Amsterdam.

We tasted new favorite foods.

We discovered beautiful areas in the Netherlands.

We celebrated love.

And, we traveled to many cities and countries in Europe.

Barcelona in February:

Vienna, Austria, for a quick work trip for me in March:

Dinant, a tiny town in Belgium, for Easter weekend:

Stockholm, Sweden, in May:

Sicily in August:

Stuttgart, Germany, in September for the Canstatter Volksfest:

Paris in October:

Tom visited Portugal in November for work:

England, in November:

And finally, three cities for three Christmas markets: Metz, France; Luxembourg City; Trier, Germany:

Wow, what a year it has been!

On to the next!