Picnic Dinners


One of our favorite new dinner routines is to pack a picnic, a blanket and a Frisbee, and explore a new park.

Dinners don’t require much prep–just a quick stop at the grocery store and a few odds and ends from the fridge, tossed into a basket or bag. We’ve been buying a baguette and cheeses, especially those little marinated balls of mozzarella because Tom is obsessed. My friend Eva included some baby brie rounds on a cheese plate this weekend, and I think those would be awesome too, because they’d get all gooey as they sat outside. Once, for my birthday weekend, we picked up a few other sides at Whole Foods for our elaborate smorgasbord, but I also like to just prep a salad during the day and slice up some fruit to round out our meal.

Picnics can be as simple as you want, so don’t feel pressured. The key is to enjoy your surroundings and your company. Everything else will taste better just because.

At Sunset Cliffs:



An evening at Mission Bay Park: 



Don’t forget a treat for the pup! 


At Coronado’s Spreckels Park:


Post-picnic walk on Coronado; dog really, really wanted to jump in the bay


What to Pack for a Picnic Dinner: 

Towel or blanket
Paper plates
Bread knife and paring knife (for harder cheeses), wrapped in a dishtowel that you can spread on the table
Silverware, if necessary
Paper towels or napkins
Cheese selection
Olives, pickles
Bread, crackers
Fruit (slice it at home, if necessary)
Vegetable or salad (try a tomato-feta-chickpea combo, or a broccoli-cauliflower slaw; we tend to avoid lettuces but you could also pack the dressing on the side)
Beverage of choice: wine, sangria, mint iced tea, or maybe a watermelon agua fresca
And for the dog: an empty peanut butter jar or bone filled with frozen pumpkin

What do you like to pack for a picnic dinner?

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