‘Cupcake Wars’ lures me back to competition shows with local competitor

Update: Sweet Reasons placed second on the Miss-America themed episode of ‘Cupcake Wars.’

I’ll say it: Food Network’s competition shows aren’t my favorite. They’ve been good for revenue, of course, but I’d prefer to actually learn about cooking. Like from Sara Moulton, who used to host a live show where viewers could cook along (after buying the posted ingredients beforehand) and call in with questions. My family frequently watched “Cooking Live” and once even made dinner with Moulton as our guide. Weekend mornings are now the “prime time” to learn about cooking, unless you’re able to get the network’s sister channel. Most of the rest of the day, judges are just as important as cooks.

But I’ll make an exception this Saturday night to watch one of our local cupcake shops compete on “Cupcake Wars.” Sweet Reasons will face three other shops in the Miss America-themed episode, airing at 8 p.m. Saturday. When I wrote about the announcement for this week’s Food section, I knew the owners would be able to say very little about the actual experience. It’ll be quite interesting to see what snippets of conversation will be used for the 60-minute show from what they described as a marathon baking-filming day back in June; I’ll certainly follow up afterwards to see how realistically the competition was portrayed. You can find my article here: Sweet Reasons to compete on Saturday episode of ‘Cupcake Wars’

Photo courtesy Griffin Moores | The Free Lance-Star http://goo.gl/wtI4V8
Photo courtesy Griffin Moores | The Free Lance-Star http://goo.gl/wtI4V8

(Robyn and I recently taste-tested three flavors I’d picked up from the shop–it’d been a rough day all around, and we deserved a sweet treat! Despite cutting the moist cupcakes into wedges, we polished off the plate. She preferred the Cookies & Cream, a vanilla cake with oreos and vanilla buttercream, and my favorite was the classic Black & White, a chocolate brownie cake with a chocolate chip cheesecake center and cream cheese frosting. Next time, I’ll pick up a peanut butter cup cupcake too–always my favorite flavor combination!)

I’m curious, what do you think of the overabundance of in-your-face competition shows? Do you click over to the classics on PBS instead, or like the mix of choices available?

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