Triple chocolate cookies cure bad days

Sometimes, a warm, decadent, overwhelmingly chocolate cookie is just what you need.

Maybe you’re watching a Planning Commission meeting on TV and just can’t handle too much more discussion about proffers. Or maybe your dog has destroyed yet another belonging of your roommate’s, each one more expensive than the last to replace. Or maybe, you’re overwhelmed with everything in the world, everything in your own life, everything affecting those you love.

If that’s the case, I’d recommend this recipe from the Pioneer Woman.

And If it’s not the case, and you’re having a wonderful day, I’d still recommend them. The word “chocolate” is in the name three times, so it has to be good, right? They certainly won’t make you feel any worse. (Well, unless you eat the entire tray. But you can go for a run tomorrow. It’s okay.)

The chocolate cookies are loaded with semisweet chocolate chips (I chopped up a bar that was in the pantry) and white chocolate chips. And Ree Drummond says you have to drink milk with them; I’d heartily agree.

Find the recipe here, and enjoy! I hope your day improves, too.


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