Ferragosto: Italian summer holiday comes to San Diego

Ferragosto, a charity gala for Little Italy’s schools and a church, was the big event for my long weekend in San Diego, the reason to fly west that particular weekend in mid-August.

Sequins and pearls, vests and hats–we donned our ’20s best before hitting the red carpet with Tom’s coworkers on Saturday night. Admiring everyone’s themed outfits may have been my favorite part of the night, as boas, fringe, pearls and headbands filled the designated city blocks. Though, we certainly got some stares on the trolley as we made our way downtown.


Tom had been working on the event for about a year (and I’d been hearing all about it for that time!), and it drew a fun crowd of all ages. Some of the neighborhood’s best restaurants offered appetizers, and the drinks were flowing as bartenders mixed a few select cocktails (that got stronger as the night went on). Gambling was a popular activity until the “police” shut down the area for a silent auction. Lots of dancing followed the small plates dinner, and it seems that the year’s Ferragosto, referring to a summer holiday celebration in Italy, was deemed a success.

Just keep drinking and spending money!


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