English muffins and strawberry-rhubarb jam

Rachel strikes again.

After this morning’s walk, I set out all the pieces for my breakfast on the counter: the first strawberries of the season, local butter, strawberry-rhubarb jam that I made yesterday on my day off, and a whole wheat English muffin.

Before toasting, buttering and jamming, I went into the bathroom for a second, and thought I heard some suspicious movements on the outside of the door.

Sure enough, the pup had a face that was both naughty and proud, and I couldn’t pry her mouth open to see what she had gotten. First, I thought she took a strawberry. Then, about to pop the English muffin into the toaster, I realized it was gone!

That darn dog stole my breakfast. I thought about withholding hers for awhile… but figured she’d soon enough just take my new English muffin if I turned around for even a half-second. But really, it was the buttery and sweet toppings that I didn’t want to share.

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