TWD: Boca Negra

Nothing like the Norovirus to keep you on a diet of peanut butter toast, bananas and buttered noodles. This weekend’s somber gathering was overshadowed by my lovely sister and her boyfriend, and their generous sharing of the nasty stomach bug. Hopefully, it won’t ruin my taste of cheesecake, my Grandma’s wonderful lemony recipe that I’ll share with you another day. My mom made two! But with 20-some people and three days together, both disappeared.

Fortunately, my mom and I had actually made today’s super chocolatey and decadent Tuesdays with Dorie project earlier this month, over the Super Bowl weekend, when I had been in town for fun and shopping with a girlfriend. For the game, we took the Boca Negra with us to my parents’ supper club friends. It was a hit long before we left our home though.

Boca Negra
Could have used a few more minutes in the oven!

The rich, chocolatey cake was filled with bourbon, as was the white chocolate-bourbon cream served on the side.

Boca Negra
Check out that pudding-ish middle. Mmmm mm.

Since our food processor was in the dishwasher, we used the old spoon-and-bowl method. The softer the butter, the better, for this cake. It took quite a while to mix it all together. And with just one and a half tablespoons flour, this was essentially a flourless chocolate cake.

Boca Negra
All the ingredients for a balanced meal.

I thought this cake was glorious; everyone watching the Super Bowl agreed (it took our mind off Beyonce’s stadium brownout). My mom thought other flourless chocolate cakes have been better, but at least for the night, this one was a winner.

Boca Negra

Find the recipe here and other takes on the cake here

6 thoughts on “TWD: Boca Negra

  1. So glad you got to make this cake and enjoy it before you got sick! It was such a great cake. Your cake looks so lovely with the powdered sugar sprinkled over it.

  2. Glad you made this before you all got sick! It was a fabulous dessert. Thanks for mentioning lemon cheesecake. I have a Bon Appétit recipe for a lemon cheesecake that is to die for; need to dig through a few boxes…

    1. Mmmm. I think the one my grandmother always used is from Gourmet. The crust has lemon zest, and is sort of a cookie, sort of a pastry, and so so good. Wishing I had some cheesecake for lunch today 🙂

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