TWD: Pizza with Onion Confit AND French Apple Tart

At least my mom is on the ball.

Meanwhile, I’m so, so behind in Tuesdays with Dorie. I haven’t had the chance to make either of January’s recipes!

Fortunately, my mom was quite the baker with her snow day and resulting long weekend.

Isn’t her French Apple Tart just beautiful! She said it was delicious, definitely a keeper. Beneath the layer of sliced apples is a filling of cooked apples. Her friend recommended to next time add apple brandy to the filling, and to brush strained apricot jam on top.


My dad said they enjoyed this tart at the end of a lovely meal with friends: fried oysters, baked brie, Vietnamese beef stew, salad, and plenty of drinks.

Here’s the recipe. (A few weeks back, I did make sure I had all the ingredients for both recipes, and I even made the tart crust when apple-pie-loving Tom was in town! But New Year’s and our celebrations got in the way, so I didn’t have time to finish up the rest of the recipe, meaning the tart shell was tossed in the trash. I’ll try again in a few days!)


Someone else enjoyed the snow day — old pup, Jill!


The night before, my parents made the Pizza with Onion Confit. Here’s the recipe. Besides the onion confit, she topped the pizza with goat cheese and parmesan. Yum! I’m so disappointed to not have planned a trip to visit this past weekend!


The pizza would be best, my mom said, cut into small slices and served as an appetizer.


Meanwhile, here in Fredericksburg, while my parents were enjoying the snow, my crazy pup and I loved getting to walk in the sunny, 60-degree weather! Look how happy it made Rach!

photo (66)

6 thoughts on “TWD: Pizza with Onion Confit AND French Apple Tart

  1. The tart does look great. Hope you get a chance to try it. I was worried it would be complicated, but it was quite easy….just time consuming. Next time I’d make the crust and apple filling ahead of time.

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