TWD: Hazelnut Biscotti (aka Storm Sustenance)

The “derecho” ruined my attempts for Hazelnut Biscotti. The scary, fierce, billion-hits-of-lightning-per-minute thunderstorm knocked down trees and power lines, leaving much of Fredericksburg without power for days. It was even worse for my parents in Roanoke, who lacked power from Friday night to Thursday afternoon. For my dad who stayed home with our pup Jill while my mom took care of my grandparents, this biscotti kept him going. (Updated: I finally made my biscotti!!)

“This is what your dad ate while he was stuck at home during the power outage and heat wave with very little other food in the house!” my mom wrote in her email. She had made the twice-baked cookies a few days before the storm, along with the nectarine-blueberry pie (coming up at the end of July).  Here’s what she said:

 I’ve made biscotti before and overall these were a very easy and tasty recipe. The hardest part was dealing with the hazelnuts but the method of boiling them in baking soda made for much easier skinning then just toasting them and rubbing them in paper towels, which is what I have done before. Just learning this technique made this recipe worthwhile for me!

The dough itself came together beautifully and was very quick to make. I had never done the second baking on a rack before but I see how it allowed the air to circulate around the cookies and maybe drying them out more thoroughly than just toasting them on a cookie sheet.

We found out they were delicious spread with nutella. Very tasty!

Find the recipe at Baking and Boys and Homemade and Wholesome. I’m going to try to make them soon! Semolina bread is coming up next week, but while Tom’s still in town, I’m planning to make pie in the next few days.

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