Do I have a green thumb this year?

My very own garden. It’s exciting. No, it may not be an actual in-the-ground garden, since I’m renting and didn’t want to/couldn’t till up a spot in the backyard. My garden is instead an assortment of containers and pots and recycled wood turned into square boxes.

I planted an assortment of lettuce seeds back at the very end of November when the mercury was creeping up. When the temperatures dropped down to their early spring temperatures, I brought the planters into our laundry room or mudroom overnight.


Unfortunately, the little lettuce plants never grew over about an inch. I am not sure what happened, perhaps thy didn’t get enough sunlight. But I picked up some lettuce seedlings from the farmers’ market and hopefully they will be able to fill my salad bowl the rest of the season.


So far the broccoli plants look healthy.



And so do the radishes, beets (yet to sprout) and onions.




And the herbs seem happy so far, too! The mint was just a tiny branch of roots pulled from my parents’ yard last week. It has already mostly filled its pot!



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