A spring walk in Fredericksburg

Spring is my favorite season. Well, if pollen was nonexistent and I didn’t have allergies, then spring really would be perfect.

I love the flowers blooming, and watching everything turn green again. And with daylight savings, I love being able to spend the evenings after work outside. It’s thunderstorming today though, so I’m going to reminisce about a walk that my friend, Robyn, and I took last week.


I absolutely love daffodils. When the sun hits them, they look like little sunshines themselves. And sun makes me happy.


Really, all flowers make me happy.


This statue is along Washington Avenue, between the newspaper office and the Canal Path. There’s a lot of history in Fredericksburg. A lot. But me not being a history person, I don’t remember what this statue is. (I bet Tom would remember. He knows history things. And I said I would publicly post a compliment since he thought I was talking smack about him in my last post. So there you go.)


And here’s the Fredericksburg Canal Path. Spotting wildlife along the 1- or 2-mile path is fun — lately we’ve seen lots of turtles sunning themselves on logs in the water, and ducks floating around, and even some bunnies hopping along the side of the path.

If the thunderstorms hold off now, I may go take a walk. I could use a dose of nature tonight.

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