Baby broccoli from the farmers’ market

The farmers’ market in Fredericksburg is right around the corner from where I work, and both are just a few blocks from my cute little house. It makes things pretty convenient on nice days. I love being able to just go for a few 10-minute walks throughout the day.

Anyways, I saw on Facebook today that one vendor was going to be out selling seedlings. They had herbs, tomatoes, cabbage and broccoli. Too early for tomatoes, so I decided just to get broccoli, though today was really too hot for these cool-weather plants.

I researched broccoli, since I’ve heard they can be finicky and frequently get attacked by bugs. Apparently a little spray and some close watching will help. They also need boron in the soil to keep the stem from getting hollow, so I’ll have to go get some from a gardening store.

Here are some of our herbs — mint, chives, basil and cilantro sprouts. Soon we’ll have a jungle out on our porch!

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