TWD: Rugelach

Rugelach: "Absolutely excessive, but exceedingly good" is how they're described in the cookbook.
“OK, I am making you an honorary Jew. Those rugelach were FABULOUS!”
“was that what it was. i wasn’t sure what i was eating, but it was delicious!”
“DEEE—LICIOUS!!! Thanks.”
“wow, they’re good, thanks. can i have the recipe? I’m serious, i like to bake things”

I loved these rugelach from “Baking with Julia” — and so did many other people in the newsroom, as you can judge by their comments to me when I took in half the recipe last week. They were an expensive recipe to make, stuffed full of dried fruits and nuts. Many people on the Tuesdays with Dorie site listed variations, but I’m glad I followed the recipe as it was written. As with most things in my opinion, they were so, so much better than what you may find at the store.

I started off with a "prune lekvar" in the filling, which I found at the store but the cookbook includes a recipe for that and an apricot kind. It's actually pretty good, despite what you may have against prunes!

Next time I make them, I would try a different filling on each half. My mom used a thick apricot spread, while I used a prune one, because that was easier to find at the store. But I’d love to taste each kind.

The rest of the filling was cinnamon-sugar, assorted chopped nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, pecans) and assorted dried fruits (I used apricots, golden raisins, figs, dates and craisins).
Before baking these slices, I rolled them in a cinnamon-sugar-ground-nut mixture.

Here are my mom’s thoughts: “At first I didn’t think I’d make these again, but Emily, Chris and Daddy really liked them.  I took some to work and several people really liked them — “the cinnamon nut, gooey thing” was one comment.  Emma couldn’t keep her hands out of the cookie tin!  They were really expensive to make.  I did the apricot levkar, used all the nuts, dried fruit bits etc.  Found I could scale back — the first roll was way too thick and difficult to roll, the next ones rolled up much better with less filling.”

Mom's ingredients, including her homemade apricot lekvar
Mom's rolls to be refrigerate, turned out prettier than mine
Mom's finished rugelach

If you want the recipe, check out the blogs The Urban Hiker and My Baking Heart. Next up is Irish Soda Bread. I am considering making two versions and taking them to work to taste test. One would be from Baking with Julia, the other would be from the new-ish Cooks Illustrated Cookbook, a 800-page break-my-back book that a coworker was nice enough to lend to me after I read her review in the paper this week. I’ll be with my mom for St. Patrick’s Day, so who knows, perhaps we’ll even get to make it together!

Yum! And in case you're wondering how long they keep, I've still got a few tucked away from a week or so ago, and I think they're just fine 🙂 Maybe I should have taken more to the newsroom though!

2 thoughts on “TWD: Rugelach

  1. There was definitely a case of filling over-load going on with these cookies. Cutting back made these a little more manageable.
    Your cookies look great.

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