Practically everybody loves Mexican food, especially salsa and chips. Something about the combination of the salty, acidic, garlic and heat makes us instant fans — and the fact that they immediately turn up on the table for free before meals. Every day at every restaurant produces a slightly different level of heat and flavor in the salsas. As frequent diners at El Toreo back at home, my family and friends have gone through some chips over the past few years.

But store bought salsas are a different story. Too often they are quite chunky and artificial tasting, not quite what you want when you think about fresh tomatoes and other vegetables. We’ve all gotten accustomed to them probably, but what if there was something better, cheaper and fresher?

Enter the four ingredient salsa. After Emma and I made this for taco night last week, I’ve made it twice this week and have enough ingredients to make it at least twice more.

Ingredients: 1 can of Del Monte original recipe stewed tomatoes, 3-4 garlic cloves, 1 jalapeno, a handful of cilantro

To make: Finely chop the garlic and jalapeno. Put in a blender with the can of tomatoes and cilantro. Blend/pulse for just a few seconds until it has a salsa consistency (it’s fairly liquidy like restaurant salsa). Add a tiny bit of salt. That’s it! (If you have a food processor, which I don’t at school – P.S. Mom they make tiny ones too! An essential kitchen need one day – then you can just pulse the garlic and jalapeno right in it at the beginning. That doesn’t work too well in the blender though.)

Tina and I ate practically the entire batch the other night with some baked Tostitos, and then last night she was begging for more. Literally she was hanging onto my neck asking me to make it again.

I think this is the only kind of salsa I want to eat anymore. Once you taste the refreshing combination of real vegetables and herbs, the jar stuff doesn’t seem quite the same.

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