Rum pound cake with bananas foster sauce

Bananas and pound cake and rum and fire: What’s not to like?

Emma came up to the ‘Burg tonight for some sisterly bonding, aka cake-making extravaganza. We had to be prepared and we each did our research ahead of time. While there were several epic desserts — such as ones involving twelve layers — the winner was this Buttered Rum Pound Cake with Bananas Foster Sauce (because we had almost all the ingredients and the right pans… who knew a college kid could accumulate so many different types of pans! No more new ones for awhile.)

Anyways, the recipe also included all the fun stuff like separating eggs, using the Bundt pan, drizzling rum sauce…. AND setting the banana & rum & sugar mixture on fire. Or so we thought.

This is what we thought it might have looked like:

But, it didn’t all go down like we had hoped — we even had the fire extinguisher on the counter, just in case. (I don’t think my roommates would have liked to wake up to a burning apartment.) But our fire didn’t amount to much. Or anything actually. Just a tiny blue flame that lasted approximately five seconds. We even tried heating up a tiny bit more rum, but no luck.

Maybe next time we’ll get some good flames? Because with a sauce this good, there will be a next time, even if it’s just with some vanilla ice cream. The cake, too ,was delicious. (Though for now, it was hidden by the sauce.) I think it’ll be another one of those cakes that’s even better the second day. Good news for Tuesday evening with my friends!

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