Mudslide milkshakes

Being 21 has its perks: Besides just ordering drinks out, I can actually walk into the ABC store and buy ingredients to make our fantastic drinks. But tonight’s was more than just a regular cocktail. This was a dessert that we won’t forget for awhile.

Enter the Mudslide Milkshake, a delicious five ingredient concoction courtesy Food Network. Like the host on the show said, it really is a cocktail and a dessert in one. Just chocolate vodka (which is a lot more expensive than you might think, especially with just one brand choice), Irish cream, coffee ice cream, a frozen banana (for creaminess) and cocoa. That’s what I call delicious. Now, it was a bit strong so we did add another scoop of ice cream.

This is not the type of milkshake that my mom would have made when we were kids! (Though it’s a bit similar to my favorite: chocolate banana. I used to love having them, especially at the beach — I think my mom actually used to bring a blender with us in our van to be prepared! See, this is all genetic!)

I’m dying to make this again now that I have all the ingredients in my cabinet, but I guess this shouldn’t be something I make too often! (Luckily, Tina and Emily and I made a rationale dinner beforehand: vegetable pot stickers and Asian salad.) We’ll reserve it for special occasions… Wonder when the next might be?!

As I tell my friends about the future things we’re going to bake, I’m really beginning to fear they may kill me soon! So, if you’re in town and are craving some type of dessert, let me know and that way I can cook for you … they might get jealous after that.

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