Goodnight, Chocolate Cake

Yup, that’s what I said to the cake — minus a few delicious pieces — sitting on our kitchen counter. It was that good, that my roommate Tina and I didn’t want to leave it.

Obviously desserts are my favorite — I even wrote a scholarship essay comparing my life to a cupcake (and I actually won too). I’ve memorized the basic Toll House chocolate chip recipe (but be sure to add more brown sugar to make them chewier and use less white sugar). Food Network is always on TV. I love cooking everything, though.

In just the past two weeks, I’ve made falafels, coconut lime curry, pizza, squash casserole, tortellini with pesto … and for the desserts: banana cake, lemon bars, cream cheese brownies, berry pie (soup?!), lemon meringue pie, and of course, the We-gave-each-other-“the-look” fudge pie. (Don’t worry, the gym is my new friend, and plenty of others are eating these calories too!)

Oh goodness, Tina at Walmart.

But anyways, it’s time for the story of the cake. Tina was looking so sad and pathetic in her bed after a GKIN disaster that involved a stationary bike, more than enough JMU police officers and a trip to the ER. Her foot was ridiculously swollen and the doctor said she was lucky that it was just an awful sprain, and not a fracture. Our lemon meringue pie was gone from the fridge, so it was time for another type of medicine to go along with her prescription. The solution: a trip to Walmart to get chocolate, whipped cream and raspberries.

We had decided to make Miss Milton’s Lovely Fudge Pie out of the book “Sweet Serendipity.” It was almost like a brownie — but Tina said even better. It included a recipe for Raspberry Coulis, and though I don’t actually know how to pronounce it, coulis is a thick sauce made from strained fruits or vegetables. We tried pureeing the frozen raspberries in the blender but when that didn’t work too well, we just mushed them through the strainer. That took quite a while.

But it turned out fantastic. Basically, this dessert was exactly like something that you could get in a restaurant, including the fancy sauce that they drizzle on the side of the plate. (Or, if you’re Tina, you just glop it all on top!) It’s so good, it’s hard to even describe.

Now you see why I didn’t actually want to leave this cake. Don’t worry, I already took a little bite this morning. Just as good as I remembered 🙂

One thought on “Goodnight, Chocolate Cake

  1. So what cocktail goes with the cake? A chocolate raspberry martini might be too much. Maybe some sparkling wine?

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